Hire or Rent
to Your Ideal Candidates

Get the full picture of who your applicant is and what they need to succeed before the interview even begins.

Have you spent countless hours prequalifying, researching and interviewing a potential candidate, only to hire them and get burned?
Does your current in-house hiring process feel more like a one-size-fits-all series of formalities or a corporate pain-in-the-ass than an intentional, personalized and proactive plan of action?
Are you done stressing about no-show interviewers or workplace conflicts caused by problematic employees with hidden agendas?
Are you overwhelmed by the weight of HR falling on your shoulders and taking your energy away from focusing on your growth goals?

Enlightened Hire helps Salon, Spa, Barbershop Owners and Employers streamline their hiring process so they can get back to running their business.

Good news — the time-consuming and stressful process of hiring just got MUCH easier to manage.

See how it works

Elevate Your Hiring Process

Enlightened Hire seamlessly provides both employers and applicants insight into working with the other so informed decisions can be made with #NoRegrets. As a comprehensive application replacement, you can elevate your next hire—and every hire after that.

Save on time, expense and hassle

typically wasted on prequalifying processes.

Rely on an efficient algorithm

to give you effective results, every time.

Be well-informed

so you can ask the right questions and make confident decisions.

Identify areas of opportunity

where potential applicants would need help and support.

Understand how best to work with your staff

to help them achieve their goals.

Our Discovery Questionnaire was carefully curated by Salon Employment Experts to help you better define your business's culture, strengths and needs, making it easier to identify your ideal candidate.
Gain in-depth knowledge and insight into every applicant and compare them upfront so you don't waste precious time and resources on candidates that aren't a good fit for your business.
Your Compatibility Report will empower you to accurately predict the success of potential employment connections and confidently make decisions when screening candidates.

How It Works

Take the Assessment


Spend 15 minutes answering questions to identify what works best for your business.

Gain Insight


Receive detailed reports of every candidate in your pool of applicants.

Assess your current staff with a comprehensive team culture check.

Compare Your Results


Compare your results against models to see where you fall against competitors.

Compare your results against applicants to find candidates that fit the mold.

Use Your Personal Link and QR Code


Replace your current application with a link and QR code to distribute to applicants and display on your website, social media, front desk, etc.

Enlightened Hire is the ONLY job application you will ever need again!

Enlightened Hire is the ONLY job application you will ever need again! Start your FREE trial with Enlightened Hire to see how your offering stacks up against competitors and how it can improve your business.

Sandy Brown

Owner of City Looks and Spa