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Get more, well-suited applicants into your salon, spa or barbershop and understand who you are hiring, upfront.

Have you spent countless hours prequalifying, researching and interviewing a potential candidate, only to hire them and get burned?

Do your recruiting efforts to hire salon, spa and barber professionals need a boost?

Are you done stressing about no-show Interviewees, candidates or workplace conflicts caused by problematic employees with hidden agendas?

Are you overwhelmed by the weight of HR falling on your shoulders and taking your energy away from focusing on your growth goals?


Salon pros choose us, you should too. Experience the #1 hiring and recruiting platform for the salon, spa and barber industry.

How does it work?

  1. Register for free to get on our list
  2. Complete your assessment to define who your ideal hires are.
  3. Try us out for free- all owners get to try Enlightened Hire for free, on one applicant.
  4. Let us recruit for you- receive pre qualified applicants as they come to us. You can also use your Enlightened Hire profile for ease of sharing on a multitude of platforms to maximize applicant intake.
  5. Connect to only the applicants that fit your opportunities, pay for what you need, when you need it!

Elevate Your Hiring Game

Enlightened Hire provides the exposure you crave to fill your open positions and the insight you need to make informed hiring decisions.

Save time, expense and hassle

typically wasted on recruiting + pre qualifying applicants. Rely on facts applicants provide details you need to understand who you are hiring.

Keep your recruiting funnel open

no more expensive job listings that do not produce results.

Be well informed

our compatibility reports compare what you want, need and prefer to the applicant's responses in our workplace assessment.

Identify areas of opportunity

where applicants need help and support.

Stay organized

store and revisit all of your applicants in one space- never lose track of a potential hire.

“Enlightened Hire has helped me to connect with two of my newest team members in the first month that I joined. I've enjoyed the notifications when a new applicant is waiting for my reply, and I love that I can see how we match up before I reach out to them. This has been a huge time saver for me and has been well worth my membership fee.”

Jenn Schouten

Owner of Elevate Organic Salon + Spa