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Helping licensed professionals and students take control of their job search.

Are You Feeling Defeated? you'll never find a position that meets both your professional goals AND your personal wants and needs?

Tired of the endless hours wasted, waiting and jumping through tedious hoops when applying for a new place to work?

Are you done settling for what's available instead of making confident and strategic career moves that will benefit you?

Ready to skip the stress & uncertainty of job searching and find support & longevity with a company that not only values you, but invests in you and offers you room to grow?

Settle No More

Accept your next offer with 100% confidence

With Enlightened Hire, you'll gain extreme insight into any potential salon, spa or barbershop employment or booth rental opportunity. Discover strengths, uncover incompatibilities and find out exactly what a potential workplace opportunity has to offer you—both personally and professionally—BEFORE you even interview.

How It Works

Take the Assessment

Spend 20 minutes answering several questions in our Discovery Questionnaire, carefully curated by Salon Industry Experts, to help you clearly identify your workplace wants, needs and preferences.

Compare Your Results

Your answers generate a “Compatibility Report” that will allow you to see how career needs and goals stack up against employment or booth rental opportunities you apply for AND real model owners across the U.S.

Apply Anywhere Using Your Link and QR Code

Replace your one-sheet resume with a dynamic, personalized link or QR code that includes your resume, portfolio, social media and everything owners need to determine whether the opportunity is a good fit for you.

Make Enlightened Career Moves

Receive a report from potential employers, detailing where the owners' workplace expectations, values and culture align (or don't) with what you're looking for. And know, without a doubt, whether an opportunity is for you!

Not Finding What Your Looking For or Need Special Assistance?

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Love Where You Work

Enlightened Hire seamlessly provides both owners and applicants insight into working with the other so smart workplace decisions can be made with #NoRegrets.

Apply to any position quickly, easily and effectively

with your personal link and QR code.

Be well-informed

so you can ask the right questions and make confident decisions.

Identify areas of opportunity

within a job or booth rental opportunity that would allow you to grow and thrive.

Feel confident

accepting a rewarding position where you will be valued.

Learn how to best work with your new team

so you can be successful from day one.

Know what employers expect

so you can be fully prepared.

is the ONLY resume you will ever need again

It has never been easier to apply for jobs and screen potential salons, spas and barbershops.

Applicant Testimonial

Chelsea Lafferty

It was a breath of fresh air finally finding a service like this for our industry, especially for someone like myself, who moved to Kansas City from Chicago and had no idea where to start looking for salons. Enlightened Hire allowed me to outline exactly what I was looking for in a salon, and gave me great recommendations. I couldn't be happier with my salon choice and the service Enlightened Hire provided!