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Enlightened Hire was founded with a connective spirit and a lofty goal: to offer tremendous value to owners and licensed professionals in the salon, spa and barber industry by providing insight into what works best for them on a personal level when considering workplace opportunities.

ELIMINATE Miscalculations

SKIP THE BS | Rely on our foolproof system to provide an accurate, efficient and comprehensive look into whether applicants or employers are a good fit for you.

MAKE IT PERSONAL | Uncover results based on relevant, industry-specific criteria coupled with a working-style assessment to understand HOW to work with who you hire.



Answer a series of industry-specific questions designed to capture the complete, unfiltered story you can't get from resumes or interviews.


Answers to questions are compared against each other to produce a “Compatibility Report.”


Your Compatibility Report provides you with the data to accurately predict the success of—and confidently make decisions for—potential workplace connections.

What Do We Stand For?

Empowering the Salon, Spa and Barber industry with information that leads to better fits for employment or booth rental positions and long-term happiness in the workplace.

Providing non-brand affiliated value to all employers, owners or licensed professionals who desire affordable assistance in determining who they are, what they offer and what works best for them, without the complication of brand loyalty.


Susan Wos

Hey there!

I've worked in various capacities within the salon industry for over 27 years. From Senior Hair Stylist, Salon Owner & Manager, to Independent Stylist & Consultant—my personal experiences, challenges and successes have fueled my passion for revolutionizing employment and booth rental opportunities for Salons, Spas, Barbershops and other beauty industry businesses.


Seeing a glaring gap in the market for effective, independent hiring resources, I became the first and only headhunter and recruiter in this industry, successfully matching hundreds of owners to licensed professionals in Kansas City with Salonspa Connection.


My vast network of connections has given me detailed insight into what works and what doesn't—-along with what defines the workplace wants, needs and preferences of the industry.

Eventually, through a series of trial and error, Enlightened Hire was born to pave the way for smart, easy and affordable salon hiring and booth rental matching.

Our goal is to provide salon, spa, and barber industry owners and applicants with insight that opens doors of opportunity that would not otherwise be available to them.

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