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It's simple; When Salon, Spa and Barber Business Owners and Professionals have ALL the facts, they can make smarter workplace decisions for themselves and their business.

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The first-ever compatibility tool designed to help Salon Industry Owners & Professionals find their perfect match.

Enlighten Your BusinessTake our compatibility assessmentThe first-ever personality and culture fit mastery designed to help you:Predict Compatibility | Perfect Prequalification | Promote Workplace Harmony

Ready to elevate your hiring process?

Created by Salon Industry Employment Experts, Enlightened Hire’s trademarked Compatibility Assessment eliminates the headache of uncertainty for an elevated hiring process that yields perfect results, every time.

Pinpoint where you align

with your applicant or salon—AND where you don't

Gain detailed insights

based on your personal wants, needs and preferences

Compare your personalized results

against any owner or applicant

Save countless hours, expenses and heartache

wasted on the wrong opportunities

Effectively prevent and troubleshoot issues

with our personality assessment

Utilize our team exercise

with our FREE Culture Check for new owners


Perfect your hiring process

Our industry-specific compatibility assessment gives Salon Owners a comprehensive look into potential hires and booth renters, helping them expertly understand how they fit into their salons, spas or barbershops.

  • Screen applicants

  • Prequalify candidates

  • Hire the perfect team

Licensed Pros

Discover the perfect salon, spa or barbershop

Say goodbye to uncertainty when it comes to landing your next career move. With Enlightened Hire, you’ll know upfront whether an opportunity is right for you so you can be one step closer to doing what you love at the place that’s meant for you.

  • Apply with confidence

  • Clarify your wants

  • Join the perfect team


Set students up for success

Enlightened Hire bridges the gap between education and employment, making it easy for students to identify and find ideal job opportunities that are well-suited for them.

  • Prepare students for the real world

  • Build partnerships with local owners

  • Free to schools


Identify your perfect salon, spa or barbershop

With Enlightened Hire, you can stay one step ahead. Compare your personal wants and needs to what owners are looking for. Discover employment matches so you can graduate with a plan.

  • Graduate with confidence

  • Know where you stand

  • Free to students

Meet Susan | Enlightened Hire Founder

Hey There!

I've worked in various capacities within the salon industry for over 27 years. From Senior Hair Stylist, Salon Owner & Manager, to Independent Stylist & Consultant—my personal experiences, challenges and successes have fueled my passion for revolutionizing employment and booth rental opportunities for Salons, Spas, Barbershops and other beauty industry businesses.

“Our goal is to provide salon, spa and barber industry employers and applicants with insight that opens doors of opportunity that would not otherwise be available to them.”

Ready to find your match?


The right price for you, whoever you are

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For budget conscious owners with minimal hiring needs.
  • Up to 2 Applicants per month

  • Window Cling

  • Job or Booth Rental Opportunity Listing (coming in 2023)

Most popular


Perfect choice for owners focused on growth and prosperity.
  • Up to 8 Applicants per month

  • Up to 5 Locations

  • Window Cling

  • Personality Assessment for Applicants

  • 1 annual Culture Check

  • Perfect for career fairs

  • Ideal for Commissions

  • Hourly and Booth Rental

  • 1 annual Culture Check

  • High visibility Job or Booth Rental Opportunity Listing and bi-annual, local social media advertising (coming in 2023)


Ideal for multi location businesses with ongoing hiring + team building needs.
  • Unlimited Applicants

  • Window Cling

  • Personality Assessment for Applicants

  • Unlimited Culture Check

  • Top visibility Job or Booth Rental Opportunity Listing and bi-annual, local social media advertising (coming in 2023)

Bundled Pricing

Small Bundle

$54 /mo

Includes 3 applicant discoveries

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Medium Bundle

$340 /mo

Includes 20 applicant discoveries

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Large Bundle

$800 /mo

Includes 50 applicant discoveries

Buy Large Bundle

Only need it for one applicant?

Single Use Option

Buy one at a time, use anytime you are hiring.

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